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Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements

Promotes Hair Growth - Nourishes Thinning Hair - All Natural - Clincally Proven

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Viviscal Extra / Max Strength for Women and Men
Size: 60 tablets
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Viviscal hair vitamins products are specially designed to promote longer hair growth. Formulated using a highly refined marine protein complex (AminoMar C), Viviscal is a clinically proven hair treatment that can turn thinning hair into thicker hair. In addition, Viviscal hair growth vitamins are used extensively by models and actors to promote longer, stronger, more beautiful looking hair. Try Viviscal products to promote healthy hair growth, to stop thinning hair, or for longer, faster hair growth.

Viviscal Reviews

"...I have noticed that my new growth is very soft, strong and rich in color. My nails are also growing incredibly fast. I can honestly say that Viviscal delivers everything it promises. This is a great product.”
- Courtney F., Rockville, MD
 "My hair didn't grow for about a year. After using Viviscal, my hair grew one and a half inches in about three and a half months, and it's been a lot softer and healthier."
- Kira W., Eighty-Four, PA

"Viviscal strengthens and replenishes vital nutrients in thinning hair. It is a natural dietary supplement, safe for both men and woman, with clinical studies that support its use for promoting existing growth. I find it particularly useful for my patients who want to bring their hair back in balance during periods of severe emotional or physical stress."
Dr. Craig Ziering, M.D.

Viviscal hair products are the original European hair phenomenon. Originally developed by Finnish researchers, Viviscal hair products have become world reknown for their ability to promote healthy hair growth. So weather you have thinning hair, or just want longer healthier hair, Viviscal can help.

You may have seen Viviscal in any one of many popular magazines (including Cosmopolitan or Vogue) that have written about several models and actors who use the product for more beautiful hair.

The before and after pictures to the right demonstrate how effective Viviscal can be at combating the effects of thinning hair. Viviscal hair care products are specially formulated to encourage healthy hair growth and in some cases they can reduce hair loss in as little as three months.

Promotes hair growth and combats hair loss in women and men
Viviscal has two new and improved formulas for healthy hair growth in women and in men.

Thousands of women and men have already seen their thinning hair slowing and regrowing with support from the natural hair supplement Viviscal. The following results were recorded from participants with alopecia areata.

  • Clinical trials support healthy hair growth with viviscal
  • Clinically shown to fight hair loss and thinning hair
  • Effective at inducing hair growth

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