NuHair Reviews from customers : Testimonials
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(NOTE: NuHair is also marketed under the brand name Shen Min in certain areas and markets)

I have lived with significant hair loss for over 5 years. I read about your product in a health magazine and decided to give it a try. In 8 months, I have stopped the hair loss and have evn regained the hair that I lost. And the color is back to normal. I credit the return of my hair to your product.

K.W., Livingston, NJ

I had not been able to stop my hair from falling out, until I used your product. Your product actually stopped my stubborn hair loss. Your product is a god-send.

R.L., Jacksonville, FL

Thank You, NuHair for improving my hair. I'm buying a second bottle!

A.M., Forked River, NJ

My hair is growing back. The color is coming back. And it¹s only been a month!

K.Z., Cleveland, OH

In just two months I have experienced significant regrowth of my hair. And the color is rich and full. The results have been extraordinary!

M. P., Boston, MA

I have been using NuHair for about 3 months. The results are amazing. It started off with fine hair, then got thicker and darker. Your ad says you will see results in 4-6 months. I can¹t wait!

P.A., Tamarra, FL

I recently purchased NuHair at my local pharmacy. Even the pharmacist liked that it was natural. I have tried numerous products for my thinning hair over the years. I can tell you that in the short time I have taken your product, the results have been better than I could ever expect. My daughter is a hairdresser and she has noticed how fuller and thicker my hair is. She used to hate coloring my hair because of the thinness and how the color didn¹t look good on thinning hair. I will continue to take NuHair and I can¹t wait to see my hair get even better! Thank you so much.

E. F.

I¹ve been using NuHair for about 3 months with some excellent results. Around the second month I noticed my hair was thicker, had more body and a vibrant color. This is a great product that I will continually use!

Sincerely, S. T.

I discovered NuHair in an add. I have been gray for years, since I was 32. I used to dye my hair, which looked good but caused some thinning. I bought your NuHair, and I just a few weeks, the graying was reduced and my hair was getting darker. Everyone has noticed the difference.

B. C.

I have been using NuHair for about 2 months. My hair is growing back fuller and thicker, and the color and texture I rich and full as well.

M. P.

I have used your NuHair product for 10 months. It took about 6 months for me to really notice substantial results. In the past 3 months, the results are very evident. My hair is thicker where it used to be thinning, and the texture is improved. And the color looks like it did in my youth. I believe in NuHair, and have ordered another 6 month supply!

D. S.

I have been using your NuHair hair nutrient for over 3 months. The results have been fantastic! My hair ³fallout² which was all over the bathroom is all but gone. My hair looks great and appears fuller. I recommend your product to all!


Thanks to your NuHair, my hair is back to its original state. I am no longer self-conscious about thinning hair. My hair has grown to the point where I no longer notice my thinning hair line. I am more confident and social. Thank you!


Your product NuHair is wonderful. I am a black woman and your product works great for my hair. My hair is turning back to black from gray, my split ends are almost completely gone. Black women use a lot of chemicals which can damage their hair. It works great!


Just a note to let you know what a great product NuHair is. In just under three months, I am seeing significant growth. And its darkening in color too. I am excited about the results. I can¹t wait for the next three months!

M.B., Salt Lake City UT

Just a short note of appreciation for NuHair. My hair is darker and thickening at the roots. I am sure the rest of the Australian population will be interested. Good luck!

M.C., Australia

My hair loss began at 21. Nothing seemed to help. I was amazed at the result I got with NuHair ­ I had hair in places where it never was before! I love feeling like myself again!



NuHair Reviews from customers : Testimonials
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(NOTE: NuHair is also marketed under the brand name NuHair in certain areas and markets)

My husband Raymond has been a customer for almost 2 years now. We are pleased with the continual hair growth. His friends from Mexico were even impressed. Thank you! It is a hair nutrient that really makes a difference.

B.J., Alta Loma CA

Since taking NuHair I have noticed darker and less graying hair. My hair is growing phenomenally. It looks and feels healthier. I strongly recommend NuHair.


After using your NuHair product for one month, I have seen excellent results and received many compliments.

M. S., Toronto, Canada

Please forward 1 months supply of NuHair (NuHair). It worked. I love it! Thanks,

T.R., Los Angeles CA

I love NuHair. It changed my hair from dry back to normal. I love the improved texture!

E.B., Yuma AZ

I have been on NuHair for 2 months and have seen amazing results. I have noticed the change in my hair ­ it is not as fragile and I see growth in thinning areas. I can¹t say enough about this wonderful product.


I have been using NuHair for 4 months. My hair is much thicker and the oilyness has disappeared. I would recommended it to anyone.

B. P.

I cannot stop talking about NuHair. It really does return your gray hair back to its natural color. What more could a senior citizen want?!


I am writing to tell you how much I like NuHair and its benefits. I have noticed my hair is not falling out like it was and I even have hair growing back. I have better texture and manageability. It is a great product!

J.S., Horn Lake MS

After living in a foreign country, my hair suffered considerably. It fell out and the texture changed. The hard water there made my hair lifeless. Using NuHair, I have noticed growth and fluffiness and fullness. It feels twice as thick! I look forward to the next bottle.


At age 21 I started to notice my hair thinning out. I ordered 3 bottles of NuHair, and soon after noticed fuzzy growth and a change in the color. I see the progress with each bottle I use. I want to tell everyone of my good fortune.

J.V., Nice, France

Hair getting darker and thicker. Other products couldn¹t do what NuHair did.

R.T., Boston, MA

In 3 months, my hair is coming in thicker and healthier. Thank you for NuHair.


I have been using NuHair since 1992. I have experienced fantastic growth. No more thinning. Feel free to use my testimony. It is the first product in 20 years that worked for me.

T.L., Mallanoy City, PA

I am 29, with thin blond hair. In 5 months of using NuHair, the hair loss has stopped and my hair is thicker and more manageable. I have seen no side effects ­ just positive results.


Thanks to your NuHair hair nutrient, my hair is back to its original state. Now I can walk anywhere without being self conscious. Thank you for developing a natural product that works!

P.N., Bayside, NY

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