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Looking for something for longer, faster hair growth? A hair growth product to help you grow the long, beautiful hair you've always wanted quickly? Try one of our hair supplements to provide all the nutrients that your hair needs to grow long and healthy fast!

Longer hair : hair vitamins for long hair faster

Helix-HX Supplements
Amazing new hair supplements for longer hair fast. Adds healthy body, bounce and shine.
Hair Formula 37 Fast Hair
Grow long hair fast. Includes vitamins for hair, shampoo and conditioner for fast growing hair.
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Fast Grow (Exotic Allure)
Fast Grow vitamins and Accelerate emu oil shampoo for longer black hair / ethnic hair
Viviscal Hair Vitamins
Go from fine, thinning hair to long, beautiful hair with Viviscal hair supplements


Longer Hair Vitamin Supplements - Grow Long Locks Fast

Long hair vitamins can:

  • Promote thick, fast growing hair
  • Give you great body and shine
  • Boost your confidence with long sexy hair
  • Get you lots of attention
  • Make everyone jealous of your long, great looking hair

Vitamins for hair can speed hair growth and rejuvenate dead hair follicles. This is especially true when you combine a quality hair supplement with a topical agent (shampoo or serum) and use both as part of a complete hair care program for fast growing hair.

All of our products for faster growing hair are designed for men and women who want to grow longer hair or who need help rejuvenating damaged hair follicles. Hair vitamins can create the optimal environment for new hair to grow.

Special formulations of minerals, vitamins, and proteins work to deliver optimal levels of oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. Not only will hair vitamins help your hair will look and feel great, but it can grow much faster.