Super Hair Energizer vitamins, shampoo
Proper nutrition is essential for healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. Super Hair Energizer can provide the hair follicles with all the vital nutrients and minerals needed for fast hair growth, and healthy hair. Healthier hair with super hair energizer shampoo, hair follicle stimulator, and jojoba oil!
Super Hair Energizer - Two month supply
(regular $54.99)

Hair Energizer $46.95
Includes 8oz. bottles of Shampoo and Follicle Spray, 15mL bottle Jojoba Oil, 120 tablets Vitamins and Minerals

Pure Jojoba Oil - .5oz and 4oz sizes

Jojoba Oil
.5oz - $3.95
4oz - $13.95


Super Hair Energizer hair vitamins, hair growth shampoo and jojoba oil infused topical spray are designed to promote the healthiest hair growth possible. Ferm-T's unique formulations allow for products that help grow hair faster, and stronger, and also that can help stop thinning hair and balding.

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"I have used two kits of Super Hair Energizer and the hair has begun to come back on top of my head where there was none. At 77 years of age I think that is great."
V.I., Texas

"This is by far the best shampoo for my scalp that I have ever used."
C.P., Florida

"This is my second order and I believe it is doing good."
D.M., Kansas

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