Vitamins for black hair, ethnic hair growth
Fast Grow by Exotic Allure is a specially designed hair vitamin supplement that promotes fast, healthy hair growth in black or ethnic hair types. It's special blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential oils add nutrients and moisturizers for beautiful, healthy hair.
Fast Grow hair vitamins
Accelerate emu oil shampoo - NEW!

Black hair growth vitamins

1 month supply of Fast Grow plus a 8oz. bottle of Accelerate shampoo

Fast Grow, Jojoba Oil combo

Black hair vitamin, jojoba oil
1 month supply of Fast Grow plus a 4oz. bottle of pure jojoba oil

Fast Grow
Vitamins for Black hair
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Shampoo with emu oil for fast hair growth
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Fast Grow is perfect for damaged hair or hair that is "breaking". It infuses the hair follicles with vital nutrients and moisturizers needed for healthy hair growth. Fast Grow is among the best hair vitamin supplements for black hair, ethnic hair.

Introducing Accelerate Shampoo with emu oil
New Accelerate Shampoo is the perfect companion to Fast Grow hair vitamins. Its unique blend of essential hair nutrients and the super moisturizer emu oil make it perfect for Black / Ethnic hair types.

Fast Grow Reviews from customers (testimonials) | See more

"I used your product and it really works! I just wanted to say thank you."
Christina W.

"I was referred to you by one of my friends. She gave me a bottle and I started seeing results within two weeks. I am impressed!"
Patricia G.

"My hair has become very healthy since I have been taking Exotic Allure "Fast Grow" vitamins."
Vicky L.

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