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If you have damaged hair nutrition is essential for turning it back to strong, healthy hair. Specially formulated hair supplements can infuse damaged hair with vitamins, minerals, and proteins to make it stronger. This in turn will make hair more resistant to future damage, and promote healthy hair growth.

Damaged Hair Vitamins to Heal Breakage

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What causes damaged hair and breakage?

* Harsh chemical treatments such as perms, or relaxers

* Improper nutrition due to unhealthy eating

* Over exposure to heat or UV rays

* Excessive dryness

Damaged hair can be caused by any number of different factors. The bottom line is that for hair to be it's healthiest and strongest, it needs certain amounts of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Hair supplements that have been specially formulated to infuse the hair with nutrition are an obvious choice to provide these nutrients.

By taking hair vitamins, you can make you hair stronger and more resistant to damaging factors. Many people don't realize how harsh hair coloring treatments can be on the hair. If you get your hair colored regularly, hair vitamins can help prevent damaged hair.